HD-IS Windows and macOS

In order to get the latest versions of our software, we recommand you to update them from the software menu.

HD-TC Windows: Click on help menu, then Update.
TWAIN HD-X Windows: Click on the Update button.
HD-IS macOS: Click on HD-IS Menu, and then search updates.
VistaScan macOS: Click on VistaScan Mini menu, then search for updates.

If you download our software following one of the links below, you’ll need to close the software before updating it.


Download HD-IS Windows 1.3.62
Download drivers TWAIN HD-X Windows version 1.3.62


Download HD-IS for HD-X macOS 2.18
Download HD-IS for VistaScan Mini macOS 2.19
Download module VistaScan Mini macOS 2.0.30