Traceability allows to link a medical device, a cycle and a patient. It has to be done for each sterelization cycle.

Three points to highlight:
• Labeling each sterelized device showing the cycle number (corresponding to the load number), which will be indicated in the patient’s file with the sterelizator number and the expiration date.
• Making a traceability file per load (called “sterelization book”), which include the load description, the cycle number, the sterelization date, the identity of the person who runned the sterelization and the psychochemicals integrator in case of the probe usage is not systematic.
• Archiving.

The software HD-TC and its probe HD-TC4 carry out it for you !
They take place instead of classic HELIX tests or psychochemicals integrators “Validate the load”.


Electonic HELIX probe HD-TC4 is a calibrated and graded measuring device that:
– carries out the steam penetration testing for hollow loads;
– measures temperatures in the middle of the load;
– records the real cycle data;
– verifies the performances of the autoclave;
– validates the load.

Steam penetration test HELIX according to the norms EN ISO 11140-1 (Class 1 Annexes VI and VII) and EN 867-5.

classical HELIX tests or physicochemical integrators.

Avoid doing morning blank tests (B&D).

HD-TC software:
– automatically determines the load validation according to the cycle;
– stores all cycle parameters: temperature, time, autoclave identification, operator’s name, etc;
– assigns a unique batch number with barcode generation;
– allows printing labels with details of the load;
– Archives the cycle sterilization book (with date, autoclave identification, operator’s name, cycle type, load details) and allows printing;
– Archives all parameters in a database.


HD-TC4 “temperature Recorders” (steam sterelization):
– Works under temperatures from 0°C to +150°C;
– Graded and Calibrated with a link to national stallions by an accredited laboratory;
– Records cycle up to 2h30mn / 4.500 points;
– Automaticaly sleeps at the end of the cycle/mission;
– Unique serial number (64-bit);
– Storage temperature between +5°C and +35°C;
– Performs steam penetration test for hollow loads.

HD-TC USB dock connects HD-TC4 probes to your Windows or macOS computer.


HD-TC4 probe (1 year spare parts and returns);
HD-TC USB dock (1 year spare parts and returns);
HD-TC4 battery (TLH 5902s) user maintenance (100 up to 200 cycles).



HD-TC software (online updates),
– Native 32 and 64-bit drivers,

Minimum configuration:
1 computer with:
• 1 Intel Pentium IV processor,
• 256 MB of RAM,
• 2 USB 2.0 ports,
• 1 32 MB graphic card,
• 1 display with 1024 * 768 * 24-bit minimal resolution.

Required operating system:

• Microsoft Windows XP Professionnal SP3,
• Microsoft Windows Vista Business SP2,
• Microsoft Windows 7 Business SP1,
• Microsoft Windows 8.1 Business,
• Microsoft Windows 10 Business.


HD-TC software (online updates).

Minimum configuration:
1 computer iMac or MacBook pro with:
• 1 Intel Core 2 Duo,
• 256 MB of RAM,
• 2 USB 2.0 ports,
• 1 display with 1024 * 768 * 24-bit minimal resolution.

Required operating system:

• macOS Snow Leopard 10.6,
• macOS Lion 10.7,
• macOS Mountain Lion 10.8,
• macOS Maverick 10.9,
• macOS Yosemite 10.10,
• macOS El Capitan 10.11,
• macOS Sierra 10.12.

pdf Download technical file (french version).